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Due to increased demand, and an increase in the cost of production, we will now be offering our Flower Pots for sale seasonally. If you are interested in being added to the Spring wait list

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The story of Spirit Shop centers around the ancient and mystical ritual of steaming. Our deep belief in this sacred practice inspired us to create an inclusive wellness center geared towards the needs of all women, in hopes to inspire each other to take charge of our physical and mental wellbeing through education and a holistic approach to self-care.

The Flower Pot makes it possible for you to steam in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Our yoni steam box is made from high quality, sustainably sourced Red Cedar. Red Cedar wood is aromatic and antimicrobial. Each box is finished with 100% pure additive-free Tung oil, which is durable and non-toxic. It’s sturdy, beautiful, and can multitask in a small space as a regular stool.

The Flower Pot comes with one of our four signature herbal blends of your choice: Painful Period, Postpartum, Fertility Support, and Relax

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Why steam?

Sometimes, amidst the chaos and grind of our everyday lives, we forget to care for ourselves. Perhaps there is a job to be done, a child to be raised, friends or family to attend to. Steaming provides a quiet and curative time for your body by efficiently and gently delivering herbal medicine. Steam is an especially efficient application that encourages healing to the entire pelvic region. While traditionally used for vaginal treatment, steaming is a soothing practice for a variety of ailments that affect all bodies.


Steaming 101

Fill the stainless steel pot with 5 heaping tablespoons of your herbal blend and fill the pot at least halfway with boiling water. Cover and allow the herbs to steep for 10-15 minutes.


Grab a blanket, wrap it around your lap, and take a seat. Enjoy the soothing steam for 20-30 minutes.


Carefully place the uncovered pot inside the wooden box and replace the seat. The steam should feel warm and relaxing, but never burning! If your pot is too hot, simply let it cool off for a minute and return to your throne.


Afterwards, make sure to keep the lower half of your body warm. Wrap yourself up in a blanket and lay down. This is a sacred practice and you may choose to offer the discarded herbs back to the earth by composting them.