Join Heidi and Deborah for a yoni steaming circle.


We will sit and steam together, and enjoy the gentle and effective benefits of this ancient practice. Yoni is the Sanskrit work for vagina. Yoni Steaming has been utilized by numerous traditions throughout history to heal, restore, soothe, and revitalize womb health. This is a sweet opportunity to connect to this sacred and deep part of yourself. 

We will discuss the myriad benefits that the herbal steam provides, including: relieving menstrual pain, fertility concerns, infection, discomfort, and aging. We will be using our own yoni steam blends, made from all organic and sustainably harvested herbs, and sitting atop our Flower Pots, the yoni steaming boxes we lovingly craft. We will guide you through a meditative practice to connect you with your feminine root. We will answer any questions that arise and guide you throughout this super relaxing experience. 


Space is limited to 5 people. 

Price is $75*


Please note: This class is not suitable if you are pregnant, if you have an active infection of any kind, if you are bleeding, if you are trying to conceive and are ovulating, if you have an intrauterine device.  
Please wear comfortable, loose clothing (a skirt works best), blankets will be provided.


Steaming 101

Fill the stainless steel pot with 5 heaping tablespoons of your herbal blend and fill the pot at least halfway with boiling water. Cover and allow the herbs to steep for 10-15 minutes.


Grab a blanket, wrap it around your lap, and take a seat. Enjoy the soothing steam for 20-30 minutes.


Carefully place the uncovered pot inside the wooden box and replace the seat. The steam should feel warm and relaxing, but never burning! If your pot is too hot, simply let it cool off for a minute and return to your throne.


Afterwards, make sure to keep the lower half of your body warm. Wrap yourself up in a blanket and lay down. This is a sacred practice and you may choose to offer the discarded herbs back to the earth by composting them.